Your Will’s Companion

A Comprehensive Estate Planning Manual

Your Will’s Companion covers the components of a will, the probate process, trusts, and much more. This manual covers a plethora of estate planning information, including tips on retirement resources, nursing home information, how to delay inheritances for minor children, as well as a step by step checklist of what’s needed in an estate plan. This epub is available through the Kindle store, and the iBook store (through iTunes).

Your Will’s Companion is a concise estate planning resource, to be used as a guide for Do-It-Yourself will preparation, as well as being a “Swiss Army knife toolkit” on a variety of topics. In it, we address a wide range of common questions and problems:

  • What does my will actually control?
  • Are there different types of wills?
  • What is Probate and how can I avoid it?
  • What is a Tax Sheltered Trust and how do I create one?
  • Can I set up a simple will myself?
  • Do the rules vary from state to state?
  • What is a Personal Representative and what does he actually do?
  • How do I arrange care for minors after I die?
  • What about long term care?
  • How do I delay my child’s inheritance?
  • How do I plan for retirement?
  • What is an IRA, and how to I control what happens to my investments?

All of these questions and more are addressed in Your Will’s Companion, which also provides a sample will you can use to compare to your own will.

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