WillCrafter is an easy to use family of apps designed to make estate planning available to everyone, regardless of economic status, race or sexual identity. We believe that anyone should be able to afford to have an estate planning resource, a good will, and a comprehensive checklist of the property they own. WillCrafter provides a simple, affordable means for everyone to reach that goal for a modest price.

Will Crafter iconThe full WillCrafter app unpacks the “secrets” in preparing a will, by combining an estate planning manual and do-it-yourself will writing program for use in the United States. Currently available for iPad only.



Will Crafter Lite iconThe same easy-to-use tools used in WillCrafter for iPads are now accessible for iPhone (and iPad) and Android users as well! WillCrafter Lite brings you the do-it-yourself building blocks to create a will, without the manual.


Your Trust and Will's CompanionYour Trust and Will’s Companion covers the basics of estate planning, what wills and trusts can and can’t do, the probate process (and how to avoid it),  types of investments and retirement plans and much more. Using QR codes, the reader gains access to educational videos (over an hour total), and helpful links. This book may be the most concise resource on estate planning you will find. This book is available on Amazon.

Your Will's CompanionYour Will’s Companion is a manual which covers the components of a will, the probate process, trusts, and much more. This epub is available through the Kindle store, and the iBook store (through iTunes). The book is also available in paperback, through


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