New iPad Productivity App: WillCrafter, an Estate Planning Primer, “Do-It-Yourself” Will, and Organizer

featured-bkgWillCrafter for iPad simplifies the mystique of estate planning, in a concise manual covering a myriad of topics, from property distribution to tax ramifications and much more. The app also provides a Do-It-Yourself will program (for use in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia). Finally, users are given a helpful and a comprehensive locator template, to record what is owned, and where it is kept.

WhyHaveIt takes less than an hour to learn the essential ins and outs of how to plan an estate. As users read the manual, they will complete building blocks for the DIY will, but also learn how probate enters into the picture, how guardianships for children work, how IRA distributions are treated, and more.

Once the building blocks for the DIY program are completed, WillCrafter produces a fully editable will. The will is then ready for signature in accordance with the laws of the applicable state. Additionally, all information is stored locally on the iPad, to maintain secrecy.

FamilyTreeMost adults do not have a will, or know how to control distribution of their property. WillCrafter is an inexpensive means of filling that void. Parents are given the comfort of knowing their children will be ardently cared for by a guardian they choose. For a spouse or partner, estates will be distributed as intended.

Regardless of economic status, race or sexual identity, anyone should be able to afford to have an estate planning resource, a good will, and a comprehensive checklist of the property they own. WillCrafter provides a simple, affordable means for everyone to reach that goal for a modest price, i.e., the equivalent of buying two cups of gourmet coffee.

WillCrafter is available for download in the App Store, at

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